The Intruder – Sri Lankan Literature

The Intruder

Summary & Analysis

Intruder by Thayagaraja Arasanayagam

“War is the basic reason for all human suffering” Explain through “The Intruder Drama”

War is not begin in any physical area. It is firstly begin in someone heart. After it can be spread all over the world. Actually war begin from human heart, however war is the basic reason for all human suffering. “Thiagarajah Arasanayagam” prove it from his drama of “The Intruder”

This incident was happened in 1983 July 23. It is called by ” Black July”. Mr. Arasanayagam write this incident as drama. But he wants to say bad effect of war. I think that he did his job very well. Because all people could understand bad effect of war and human suffering, because of war.

This drama was going on around one family. This family before war lived more happily. But after this situation they have to face many difficulty. That all troubles begin because of war. Arasanayagam says it very good way. Firstly enter the one boy and old women to stage. The boy is called by “Intruder”, Not that name mentioned in the drama. But we can give a topic understand it well. That boy come to that home for one purpose. The end of the drama that purpose come to the stage.

Now that home lived only old women and one young lady. But era-liar this home have many members. Old women husband and four boys and one girl lived with together. After that war they lost their family. Finally left in only three members in family. The old women all suffering to the intruder boy.

” lost of lovely husband and destroy their family life.”
“The only one left after they all went. Oh what loneliness when they all leave you never to return…”

Actually husband and wife live more happily and lovely. They have many memories of their life time, that old lady also memorized their past life. She more suffer from it. Because of her husband now not alive. He was killed by unknown people, because of war. But old lady suffer from it much more. Any one can’t assess her feelings and emotions. It is a real truth of war.

“.. once many years ago there was young pretty bride…”

According to that we all can understand how their feelings and emotions. But now they have lost every things. Only they have memory of their lovely house. After she tell about family members. Gradually she tell what happened in their family.

“…and so they had four sturdy boys and pretty daughter, oh what happy family it was..”

This statement prove their family life, but after she lost her husband and father affection and protection. Any one can not fill it, after their family was end.

“The father of the children his death brought life to an end for their family.”

That is the real truth of war. All people suffer from war. Because of war is the basic reason for human suffering.

They can not continue children studies and education system break down. War period any one can not do their study well. Because of they all are live with fearful situation. All mothers and fathers have only one dream. How their children give to good education and how they become good person. This family children become very good higher position of their education. But they can not rich their final target. Because of war situation.

Could they continue their studies..”

Every daughter like to live with their father but that drama’s girl lost that chance. But she hopes to come her father any day. Any one can not find father for her. She have innocent dream but war lost every thing of their life.

“When will father come to dinner mother, Is not it very late……”

Every physical things we can repair but how we repair mental things. Actually this is the real truth of war. war can be happened any where. But suffer from it human beings.

“War is the basic reason for human suffering” I think that Thiagarajah Arasanayagam could be approved that statement through that the drama of “Intruder”.