EN 1213 Listening Skills II

Transfer information (05/03hrs)

  • Listen to the tape/ teacher and fill in the chart.
  • Types of activities: tracing the route on a map, completing tables/ charts/forms

Retaining relevant points: note taking (05/02hrs)

  • Focus: identifying relevant points-rejecting irrelevant information
  • Types of activities: listen to a short text (speech/dialogue) and take down important
    points. Writing and speaking tasks based on them

Telephone conversations (05/03hrs)

  • Focus: recognize discourse marks/cohesive devices, understanding different
    intonation patterns and use of stress which give clues to meaning and social setting.
  • Types of activities:
    – Listening to interactional (social) and transactional (obtain and provide
    information) conversations and responding to tasks based on them
    – Taking part in telephone conversations and responding appropriately.

Using songs for listening (05/02hrs)

  • Provide short lessons on vocabulary and grammar followed with different listening
    activities; e.g. Fill-in-the-blank task with the past tense verbs they hear.

Problem solving tasks (05/03hrs)

  • Students hear all the information relevant to a particular problem and then set themselves
    to find solutions

Story – based techniques (05/02hrs)

  • Activities: Listen and expand the outline-students listen and write the story while
    the teacher describes expanding the story as instructed.
    e.g. The Unicorn
    The husband woke up and looked out of the window.(describe the husband)
    He saw a unicorn eating a lily in the garden.(describe the garden) and so on….