EN 1117 Computer Assisted Language Learning & Study Skills I

Computer literary, computer competency (10/05hrs)

  • Computer literacy: general knowledge of what computers are used for and some general experience in using them. List the purposes in using computers
  • Computer competency: ability to use the computer as a tool for particular purposes A general introduction-email, conferencing programs (written and spoken), word processing programs, language archives (written and spoken)

Requirement of  classroom materials (10/05hrs)

Using text books accompanied by CD-ROM disc, which has practice exercises, self-check tests, extra reading material. 

Speech processing (10/05hrs)

Access to speech recognition programs, simple exercises in pronunciation, feedback graphs showing accuracy of learner’s control of phonemic and prosodic elements.

Effective use of email (10/05hrs)

  • Choose the appropriate software and learn how to use the email system confidently.
  • Communicate with the teacher and others to carry out task-based learning projects.

Library skills (10/05hrs)

  • Understanding classification system
  • Using a library catalogue
  • Using the content/index pages of a book to find reference
  • Finding information quickly from bibliography
  • Activities:

   -Library skills questionnaire, e.g. Write down the classification numbers of the following books           and find them on the shelves.                                                                                                                      -Give the names and numbers of the books that give information about the following topics

Dictionary studies (10/05hrs)

  • Getting familiar with the format of good monolingual dictionary entries
  • Finding their way around the information a dictionary offers
  • Discuss the role of a dictionary
  • Assign activities which show the kinds of meanings that are presented and how they are presented.