EN 1212 Effective Communication Skills II

Interaction in ‘service’: Jobinterviews, business transactions (10/05hrs)

  • Focus: Strategies for opening and closing conversations, how to use a neutral
  • Style of speaking-polite and clear speech
  • Procedure: job interviews –provide a model. Get students to read it and practice
  • With a partner. Assign different interview situations for different groups. Students
    prepare the interviews and practice them.

Office talk: over the phone, face-to-face (10/05hrs)

  • Focus: how to provide information, manage interaction, negotiate meaning
  • Types of activities:
    – Read the advertisement for a product and provide information to the
    purchasing officer of the company
    – Place a catalogue order, take an order and fill out the order form
    e.g. your partner is a sales person. Look at the catalogue page, select two items you
    want to buy and give your order. Make sure your partner takes down the order
    correctly by confirming the information.

Conducting and participating in meetings (10/05hrs)

  • Preparing for the meeting; selecting the office-bearers, writing the agenda, minutes
  • Practicing appropriate strategies for opening and closing
  • Conducting the meeting with whole-class participation

Planning, organizing and participating in social situations (10/05hrs)

  • Focus: how to use conversation for both transactional and interactional purposes, in
    different social settings and for different social encounters.
  • Types of activities: plan, organize and participate in a variety entertainment,
    ‘shramadana’ campaign, picnic etc.

Interviewing different people (10/05hrs)

  • Focus: strategies for managing turn-taking in conversation, how to use a casual style
    of speaking and a neutral or more formal style.
  • Taking notes, preparing reports/articles and presenting them.
  • Types of activities:
    – Interviewing a lottery winner/a tourist on his impressions of the country/a
    housewife about the cost of living/a director of a corporation etc.
    – Simulation: journalists from different media interview Miss. Sri Lanka

Planning and organizing debates and participating in them (10/05hrs)

  • Focus: how to initiate and continue a talk on a topic, how to present counterarguments
  • Procedure: 3 groups- a) proponents b) opponents c) judges Stages:
    – All 3 groups pre – debate preparation
    – Groups a and b-opening arguments
    – Groups a and b – counter arguments
    – Group c – announce results with comments
    – Write an essay balancing the views of both sides