EN 1216 Professional Writing II

Linking ideas: clauses and phrases (05/03 hrs)

  • Activities: Provide sentences with linking words such as: because, so, but,
    although, in spite of, otherwise, except that, apart from. Get them to underline the
    linking words. Discuss the function of linking words
  • Provide more activities.
    – Join the ideas in the two columns using linking words.
    – Fill in the blanks.
    Develop paragraphs: organizing ideas at inter-paragraph level (05/02 hrs)
  • Generate ideas using different techniques: brain storming, group/class discussions,
    reading, illustrations
  • Guidelines on organization: beginning, developmental Pattern-content (two or three
    paragraphs), ending, register, key words
  • Writing drafts, conference with the teacher, revising

Informative writing (10/05 hrs)

  • Text types: prospectuses, description of places/people
  • Focus: conveying information clearly. Consider what the reader wants to know and
    include relevant details only.
  • Present materials clearly, appropriate layout, illustrations and organization

Practical writing (10/05 hrs)

  • Text types: CV writing, job applications and covering letters
  • Focus on particulars found in an application form, CV format is different from
    application form

Letter writing- business letters (10/05 hrs)

  • Text Types: letters of complaints, letters of orders, banking correspondence
  • Focus: use formal and impersonal language

Imaginative writing (10/05 hrs)

  • Text types: poetry, short stories, play lets
  • Short stories
    – Creative use of language. Provide questions/pictures to stimulate writing.
    – Provide the beginning; An old man sat on a bench in the park watching
    children playing…
    – Provide the ending: …I told you it was a joke
    – Supply captions or titles as starting points. These can be taken from
    newspapers. e.g. Boy saved from drowning.
    – Imaginary situations: If I were a parent…
  • Poetry
  • Playlets
    – Text types: write dialogues appropriate to specific situations on different themes and
    act them out (group tasks)
    – Write and act out scripts for well-known tales, e.g. folk stories

Persuasive and argumentative writing(10/05 hrs)

  • Writing skills: giving reasons: e.g. why do people gamble/become vegetarians/keep
    pets/enjoy watching violet films? (Ref: Language in Use: Upper-Intermediate.
    Classroom Book.Page40, 50)
  • Text types
    – Brochures, leaflets, advertisements- on presenting a case influencing the
    reader. E.g. Imagine a local radio station has asked you to write a one-minute
    commercial advertising a new product.