EN 2222 Advanced Business English I

1) Business Meetings 1 (10/5 hrs)

Identify the importance of meeting
Discuss different types of meetings. : informal, formal, large group, a meeting of four to five of the people involved, One to one meeting

Types of Activities :
Look at the problem and decide what kind of meeting is the best way of dealing with each one.
Eg: The board required a report on your department’s long term plans over the next 10 years.
There is to be a company picnic next month and everything has to be planned and organized. You are a participant of the meetings discussed above. What would you say to express your point of view, make objections, ask for opinion to end a meeting.

2) Writing reports and summaries (10/5 hrs)

Criteria for writing reports

  • Organization 
  • Development
  • Style

Types of Reports

  • Trip Report
  • Progress Report
  • Lab Report
  • Feasibility / Recommendation Reports
  • Incident Reports Investigative reports
  • Meeting – Minutes


  • Pre writing
  • Writing
  • Re writing

3) The Summary (10/5 hrs)

Criteria for writing summaries

  • Overall Organization
  • Internal Organization
  • Development
  • Style
  • Length
  • Audience Recognition
  • Grammar and Mechanisms


  • Prewriting
  • Writing
  • Re-writing

Eg: Listen to a conversation recording of a meeting between two people. Answer questions based on it. After Understanding the conversation draft a summary.

4) Advertisements and commercials (10/5 hrs)

  • Cut out your favorite advertisement from a news paper . Prepare a short presentation covering the following points. (Target customers, how it works in terms of promoting the product attracting attention , arousing interests, creating a desire, encourage to take prompt action.)
  • Describe favourite TV commercials to your partner. Say why you think they are effective,

5) Selling and buying product (10/5 hrs)

You in the buying department of your company. Decide in what terms, price, condition etc you are prepared to buy a product, make notes, negotiate with the seller.

You are the chief buyer for a company. Find one from a salesman the following.
About a product : wholesale price, recommended retail price, how quickly the goods can be shipped, how each item is packed, where the product is manufactured.
Procedure: Look at the new words in a dictionary. Practice the necessary expressions. Write the necessary notes
before enacting the situation.

6) Travelling on business (10/5 hrs)

  • Making reservations – flights and at a restaurant. Speak over the phone. Send a fax
  • Meeting or being met : role play eg: a foreign business person arriving at the local airport and the other person is waiting to welcome him. Role play the whole scene up to leaving the airport.
  • Write a list of advice which might be given to foreign visitor.
  • Tell a visitor about office routines in our country: working hours , holidays, relationships between the boss and employees , recreational and sport facilities for staff officers.

Eg 1 : Make a telephone call to colleague in another department , inquiring whether you can bring the visitor to see him or her.
Eg 02: Write a memo asking your boss to give the visitor a brief explanation of your firm’s activities.
Eg 03:  Draft a fax to the visitor informing the date abd the time you propose for the visitor / or phone her / him.

7) Practical Component ( Assignment)

  • Design a questionnaire to be used to interview persons in a company / hotel.
  • Collect information about their work, daily routine etc.
  • Present your findings to your colleagues and organize the information and write a report.