EN 2217 Fundamental Journalism II

Language and style of writing (15/08 hrs)

Studying the language and the style of writing in different items in a newspaper: editorial, feature articles, reviews, letters to the editor, sports column, and cartoons, using a checklist. Presentations followed by whole class discussion.

Use of illustrations (15/07 hrs)

  • Examine the suitability of illustrations in newspapers: how they help to make the writing/message more meaningful/interesting
  • Types of illustrations, their characteristics, and purpose
  • Write a feature article and illustrate it appropriately

Writing articles/news stories (15/08 hrs)

Getting information through different sources, note-making, expanding notes to make an interesting piece of writing (group work)

Writing articles: reviewing, editing, proof reading (15/07 hrs)

Peer-editing: groups exchange their writings and edit and give feedback, re-drafting, and proofreading

Practical component: designing and producing a college magazine (30/15 hrs)

Planning what type of articles to include, crafting the articles, selecting, and editing, and re-drafting, using illustrations, proof-reading the articles.