EN 2112 Technology Based Communication Skills

Functional dialogues (10/05 hrs)

• Express approval / disapproval, likes / dislikes, surprise / wonder / hope / fear /
• Focus: strategies for avoiding communication breakdowns and comprehension
• Activities: create and write their own dialogues and practice saying them,(pair and
group tasks)

Group/pair discussions: information gap activities (10/05 hrs)

• Focus: asking and answering questions, using a conversational register and syntax.
• Types of activities: finding the differences in pictures/notices/ invitations etc.

Role plays using role play cards (10/05 hrs)

• Focus: speaking appropriately in different situations.
• Procedure: prepare role play situations and cues for the two persons. Give them time
to prepare. Get them to enact the situation using the cues. Provide at least 4 cues.
e.g. situation; You have borrowed a friend’s notes over a week ago and promised to
return them the next day. You’ve still got them. What do you say to him when you
see him?
You must speak first.
Cue card:
– Say how you feel about not returning the notes
– Say why you couldn’t return them
– Cue card to the friend
– Tell him not to worry
– Ask whether he copied the notes, etc

Dialogues/drama based on stories (10/05 hrs)

• Read stories and write dialogues /plays based on them. Rehearse, and act them out.

Describe a process (10/05 hrs)

• Focus: use linking words correctly when describing a sequence of actions
• Types of activities: how to operate a computer, describing an experiment

Making presentations – using the OHP and other media (10/05 hrs)

• Focus: using facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal cues and
visuals to convey meaning, how to use a neutral or more formal style of speaking
• Procedure: brainstorm around a topic; organize the presentation, find necessary
visuals-pictures, maps etc. make the presentation to the rest of the class.
• Suggested topics: Changing lifestyles of people, how ‘green’ are you?