Divorcee – Commonwealth Literature


About Author

Ken Saro-Wiwa 1941–1995
(Full name Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa) Nigerian novelist, essayist, diarist, poet, short story writer, playwright, television writer and producer.

The following entry provides an overview of Saro-Wiwa’s career through 1997.

Saro-Wiwa achieved popularity in Nigeria as a satirist of Nigeria’s notoriously corrupt government, but gained worldwide fame as a political activist executed for his vocal protest of multinational exploitation of local culture. His nonfiction works detailing Nigerian corruption and his own imprisonment have been widely praised as provocative and compassionate.

About Story

“A husband did a girl a favour by marrying her… And when he did Lebia the favour of seeking her hand in marriage, there was nothing to stop him from achieving his desire”

“Because she has not only married a man: she was a family property”

“He expected that she would bear children. It was for that primarily that he had married her. For everyman had reason to expect that he would be a father someday. Everyman was capable of being a father. If he did not become a father, there was something wrong with his wife”